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Happy Easter 2019 to you

The Easter Bunny has finished his trip
and Easter Bunny tracking is done for this year.
But there's still lots of fun right here!

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How many sleeps until the Easter Bunny?

Where is the Easter Bunny right now on a map?

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For Easter 2019 The Easter Bunny is donedeliveries around the World

When is Easter 2020?
The Easter Bunny comes on Easter Day which is
Sunday, April 12th, 2020

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Where is the Easter BunnyRight Now?

Easter bunny's current location

The Cheeky Chicken answers your questions about tracking the Easter Bunny!

  • Where is the Easter Bunny right now in the world?
    Oh sure, make a grumpy chicken look for you!  Didn't you see where the Easter Bunny was right above me? Yes -- right there! The one that shows that the Easter Bunny is at Easter island!  See, now you made a grumpy chicken even grumpier!
  • Where is the Easter Bunny on a map now?
    Oh, you are so silly! The Easter Bunny isn't on a map.  The Easter Bunny is on the rug in his home.  (That's so silly you thought the Easter Bunny stands on a map!)
  • I want to find the Easter Bunny
    Do you mean like Finding Nemo?  I'd tell you where the Easter Bunny is, but now I'm worried about Bruce the Shark!  I wonder if grumpy chickens are friend or food?
  • Can I tail the Easter Bunny?
    Well, he really has a very nice tail right now.  Much nicer than my few feathers!  If you wanted to give him a new tail, you'd have to track the Easter Bunny first.  Of course, that's really easy because there's an Easter Bunny Tracker right here on this page!
  • I want to find the Easter Bunny.
    Why did you lose him!?!  Baskets and bunnies! For a grumpy chicken I make EGGS-ellent jokes!  Oh, I did it again!  I'd tell you where the Easter Bunny is, but now I'm laughing too hard!
  • Where's the Easter Bunny?
    Ooh! Ooh!  Is this like one of those Where's Waldo or Where's Wally games?  I might be a grumpy chicken but I still like to play games!
  • Where is the Easter Bunny right now?
    Well right now the Easter Bunny is next to a... no, he moved.  Wait, now he's beside a... moved again!  And then he... Ahh!  I can't tell you where the Easter Bunny is right now if he won't stop moving!
  • What about the NORAD Easter Bunny Tracker?
    Why doesn't NORAD ever want to track me?  Sure there's a NORAD Santa Tracker for kids, but is there a NORAD Easter Bunny Tracker for grumpy chickens!? Is it because I'm so grumpy!?  I'm just glad they don't track the Easter Bunny EVERY minute of every day of the year!  Now THAT could be embarassing! Oh wait, NORAD doesn't track the Easter Bunny -- they track SANTA! Good thing you can track the Easter Bunny at!
  • What is the Easter Bunny doing right now?
    I don't know what the Easter Bunny is doing right now, but it sure would be weird if he was tracking himself on the Easter Bunny Tracker!
  • What about track the Easter Bunny Twitter?
    No, No, No!  It's just the Easter Bunny!  Not the Easter Bunny Twitter!  Birds twitter, not bunnies!  Now you've made me so grumpy I think I'm just going to leave and visit with the Easter Bunny where he is now, on Easter Island.

Easter Bunny Tracker

The Easter Bunny's Last Hop:  Being a funny bunny and telling jokes

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Easter Island

The Easter Bunny's Next Hop:  Doing EGGS-ercises

Come back on Easter's Eve Day to start tracking the Easter Bunny right here on his trip around the world!'s Tracker shows you where the Easter Bunny is every minute with plenty of fun (and secret) Easter eggs for you along the way! 

purple Easter egg iconpurple Easter egg icon  You found an Easter egg! How many more Easter eggs and other surprises can you find?


The Easter Tweeter

Come back Easter's Eve Day to watch LIVE funny bunny tweeting!

But right now you can watch Easter Control test the Easter Tweeter Network.

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