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The Easter Bunny's
Scavenger Hunt

Use the Easter Bunny's Egg Hunt clues
to make a super easy scavenger hunt!
It's super easy & fun!

Just pick the clues you want and print them off! Yup, it's that simple!

Egg Hunt Instructions

One of the best parts of Easter is an Easter Egg hunt! Now it is super easy to set up a scavenger hunt, courtesy of the Easter Bunny himself (he likes to let parents test his clues)!

Just scroll down thru the rhyming clues below. Click on the clues you'd like to use. You can also click on the little checkbox in the box of your fav clues.

The clues are sorted by "areas" (e.g. kitchen, front door). Of course, you can hide the clues in any part of your home!

Once you have selected all the Easter egg hunt clues you want, click/tap on the button "Click here to create your Scavenger Hunt!" This will take you to a new page. Here only the clues you selected appear.

Print off the page (only the clues will be printed). It is recommended to print two copies. That way you'll have a second "Master" version that you can refer back to later if needed. You can also "check off" the clues on the Master as the clues are found. This helps prevent finding stinky, slimey surprises in a few months time.

Now, cut out your clues with a pair of scissors. Then place the clues in the proper order throughout your home. Place the second card in the location mentioned in the first clue. Place the third card in the location mentioned in the second clue and so on. At the final clue, leave the "grand prize".

Once everyone is ready, hand out the first clue. Get ready to take lots of video and enjoy the fun!

Bonus Scavenger Hunt Ideas

You can do a scavenger hunt any time of the year! This is a great idea if the kids are stuck inside and school is out. You can even do scavenger hunts for other special days of the year like birthdays, Valentine's Day, pirate party treasure hunts or make up your own occasion any day of the year!

1. Have an older sibling set up a scavenger hunt for their younger siblings!

2. You can have candy or other treats at each clue or you can have a big basket with sticker books, movie tickets and more at the end only. Half the fun is the hunt!

3. Have the kids use a basket (they can even decorate it themselves!).

4. This is a great activity to do at Grandparent's home (or other relatives)!

5. Put a puzzle piece in each plastic egg along the trail! The rest of the puzzle can be part of the big prize!

6. Because it's so easy to create a scavenger hunt using the Easter Bunny's clues here, you can have multiple hunts going on at the same time! For more fun, have the hunts "timed" so kids are in the same room at the same time -- but not doing the same clue.

7. Put the clues in envelopes or print them off on fancy paper!

8. Feel free to change the clues to fit your household best!

Most importantly, be safe! Use your good judgement!

Scavenger Hunt clues


Child's Bedroom

Parent's Bedroom



Front Door



Dining Room

Living Room


Laundry Room



Your Easter Reminder

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