Easter Tweeter 2024!

It's an Easter egg for the Easter Tweeter System!

Welcome to the Easter Bunny Tweet Watch! 🐇✨

As the most egg-citing time of the year approaches, join us in the fun as we share live updates, mischievous mishaps, and all the behind-the-scenes antics between the Easter Bunny (EB) and Easter Control. From testing the latest in egg-delivery technology to the whimsical adventures in bunny yoga, there's never a dull moment in the lead-up to Easter.

What's Hopping on the Easter Tweeter? 🐰🥚

Egg-straordinary Testing: Watch as Easter Control puts everything through rigorous tests - from egg durability to the aerodynamics of chocolate eggs. Will the latest egg-celerator launch eggs into orbit or will it be back to the drawing board?

Bunny Yoga Gone Wrong: Follow EB as he attempts to find inner peace and balance, only to end up in a tangle. It's not all zen and carrots in the world of Easter prep!

Egg Hiding Strategy Sessions: Dive into the strategy behind the madness. Where will the eggs be hidden this year? Underwater? In the sky? Only EB and his team know for sure.

Easter Egg Design Fails: Sometimes creativity leads to... interesting results. Get a peek at the designs that didn't quite make the cut.

Fashion Disasters: Join EB as he tries on his Easter Sunday best. From high-tech camo to neon nightmares, you never know what he'll hop into next.

Tweet Samples & Highlights 📱💬

  • @Easter Control: Is this an orange 🍊? Orange is it just another test?
  • @Easter Control: EB says the new eco-friendly Easter cycle is wheelie good!🚴😄
  • @Easter Control: 10... 9... 8... A Test! (What were you expecting? Blast off?)🚀
  • @Easter Control: How do you make a rabbit stew? Make it wait 2 hours for a test!

Join the Fun 🎉

Don't miss a beat! Our live tweet feed brings you the latest from EB and Easter Control as they prepare for the biggest egg hunt of the year. From laugh-out-loud tests to the final countdown, we're here to bring joy and giggles to your Easter preparations.

Egg-sclusive Content 🥚🎥

Not just tweets! We've got egg-sclusive behind-the-scenes gossip, and sneak peeks at what's to come. Ever wondered how EB gets in shape for the big day or what goes into making the perfect Easter egg? Find out here!

Hop On Over 🐇🌼

Bookmark this page and keep hopping back for your daily dose of Easter excitement. With Easter Control at the helm and EB in the field, we're in for an egg-ceptional adventure. Let the countdown to Easter begin!

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