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Play funny
~ "Egg Lib" ~
Easter word games!

Add a few simple words and the Easter Bunny
will make a funny story for you!

"Egg Libs" are really fun and easy word games. Just add words using the hints!
Choose from any of the stories below and start having some fun!

Instructions for "Egg Libs" (Super Easy!)

"Egg Libs" are super fun and easy word games for all ages!

Each "Egg Lib" is a very short story, joke or saying that is missing a few words. You use the hints to fill in the missing words. You can use any word you want but you won't know how they fit into the Egg Lib until you're done!

Once you've answered all the hints, click the button and your funny Egg Lib will be revealed!

You can play the same Egg Lib many times. There are different hints each time you "play again".

Here's an example of a hint and an answer:

A type of food

Then the Egg Lib might be:

"The Easter Bunny likes to decorate Easter pickles and put them in his basket."

Silly, fun and easy!

Scroll down to pick an Egg Lib and start the fun!

List of Egg Libs! (Enjoy!)

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