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Easter Word Game
Story of the Easter Bunny
"Egg Lib"

Add a few simple words and the Easter Bunny
will make a funny story for you!

"Egg Libs" are really fun and easy word games. Just add words using the hints to make an Egg Lib about where the Easter Bunny came from!

Your Words Go Here!

Where did the the Easter Bunny come from?

🐰 Let's find out! 🐰

Name of a funny job: 

Name of another funny job: 

An animal: 

Something you eat (plural)

A word to describe food: 

A word to describe an animal: 

Where the Easter Bunny
Came From

Now just tap the "Click here!" button below to find out where the Easter Bunny came from!

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Your Easter Reminder

Get a reminder to come back to closer to Easter! Come back on Easter's Eve Day to track the Easter Bunny on his famous trip!